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Horse Shoe Roller

Double Handles Large

Horseshoe Hangers

with Decorative End Accessories


Old Fashioned Barn Door Rollers

Part Description (Click on part # for PDF diagram) How Sold Product Code Price
Mini Hangers (5.5" wide)
Small Hangers ( 7.5" wide) Pairs 5600-3001 $340.00
Medium Hangers (9.5" wide) Pairs 5600-3002 $390.00
Large Hangers (11.5" wide) Pairs 5600-3003 $410.00

Stay Roller

Stay Roller

Each 5600-3004 $90.00

Door Stop

Door Stop






Safety Brackets

Safety Brackets
(prevents door coming off track) REQUIRED

Pair 5600-3011 $60.00
4 foot length of track with 5 Standoffs & 4" lags Set 5600-3024 $130.00
5 foot length of track with 6 Standoffs & 4" lags Set 5600-3025 $160.00
6 foot length of track with 7 Standoffs & 4" lags Set 5600-3026 $200.00
8 foot length of track with 9 Standoffs & 4" lags Set 5600-3028 $260.00

Track Stop

Track Stop

Pair 5600-3030 $40.00

Adjustable Track Stop

Adjustable Track Stop
(for center or ends)

Pair 5600-3031 $60.00

Floor Mounted Fin Guide
Each 5600-3064 $20.00

Recessed Handle

Each 5600-3067 $80.00
Track Joiner/Splicer Supplied as Required Each 5600-3021 $12.00
1/4" Standoff Extensions each 5600-3007 $2.00
Snug Cottage Accessories for Sliding Doors
Part Description How Sold Product Code Price

"T" Hasp

Heavy Duty "T" Hasp
Black Polyester Powder Coat
over Hot Dipped Galvanized

Each 4000-00SP $22.95

4149 Sliding


Twisted Ring Latch for Sliding Doors

Each 4151-0SP $53.28


Orders will be drop shipped from the manufacturer in Connecticut.

Products on this page are of the highest quality, therefore, we thought they would be an excellent addition to our product line.   They are made from steel and "e coated".   "E coating" is a rust resistant process that is used extensively in the automotive industry.  It does not afford the rust resistance of hot dipped galvanizing or product made from stainless steel.

"U" Shaped Barn Rollers & Single Strap Rollers
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Single Strap Square End Hangers and Accessories


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