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Manufactured in Connecticut, these barn door rollers and track are copies of old rollers that are virtually unavailable as the originals wear out and the supply of replacements in antique shops dwindle.

They are used on new and restored homes, carriage buildings and barns and even for decorative interior use.

All sizes of hangers now have wheels with spokes.

Castings for the wheels are ductile iron with a stainless steel pin. The body of the hangers and the track are made of 1/4” steel and are finished with a high quality textured exterior grade powder coat.

The standoffs, when applied directly to the building will allow for a door up to 2” thick. Thicker
doors can be accommodated by using standoff extensions available in 1/4". Please speak with a customer service representative to make sure this product is right for your application.

Bolts with acorn nut are included for doors up to two inches thick.  This product line is black powder coated over an "E coat" rust protection layer.   "E" coating is very common in the auto industry but does not offer the same degree of protection against rust as hot dipped galvanized.  Lag bolts for installing track and standoffs are sold separately due to varying thickness of the header.

Now in Two Styles!!

Medium Horshoe Roller

Medium Horseshoe Roller


Horseshoe Hangers with
Decorative End Accestories

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Single StrapSngle Strap


Single Strap Hangers with
Square End Accesories

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