Add-On Fasteners for Varied Gate and Jamb Applications
Carriage Bolt Fastener Pack for 6″ x 6″ Posts
Lag Screw Fastener Pack for Other Post Sizes
Lockable Cane Bolt Keeper
Lockable ‘Mammoth’ Cane Bolt Keeper
Mounted Gate Secure Chain
Optional Back Plates for Heavy Duty Strap Hinges
Optional Back Plates for Adjustable Hinge Mount with 6” Threaded Pin
Twisted Ring Pull
Faux Hampton Latch Handle
Lockable Cane Bolt Plate
Lockable Cane Bolt Escutcheon Plate
Gate Stop
Padlock Eyes
Cabin Hook & Gate Holdback
Contemporary Cabin Hook
Heavy Duty Gate Wheel
Gate Stop for PVC Gates
D Shackle
Staple on 2” Square Plate
Hook on 2” Square Plate
Heavy Duty Link to Screw
Light Duty Link to Screw
Quick Link
Swivel Eye Snap Link
Forged Screw Eye
Hitching Post Ring on Rectangular Plate
Hitching Post Ring on Screw
Black Stainless Steel Wood Screws
Carriage Bolts
Black TEK Screws
Black Stainless Steel TEK Screws
Lag Screws
Black Touch-Up Paint
Cape Cod Gate Fastener Pack
Double V Gate Fastener Pack
Maine Gate Fastener Pack
Weldon Barrier Gate Fastener Pack
X Rail Gate Fastener Pack