STEP 3 Review your gate size and configuration

Double Gates

  • only one configuration option.
  • gates can be built 5’, 6’ or 7’ wide.

STEP 4 Review the recommended hardware

Mounting with Rear Eye Hardware (8324)

  • gate is hung aligned with flush with the face of the posts and hardware is installed on the on the face of the posts.
  • a 1/2” to 1” space between the gate and the post is required.
  • gate will swing open 180 degrees.
  • easy lateral adjustment.

Latching with Slide Bolt Gate Latch (5002)

  • base plates are 1 1/2” wide by specified length.
  • bolts are 5/8” dia. rod.
  • easily mounts left or right handed.

Securing with Lockable Mammoth Cane Bolt (5000-01)

  • bolt is 7/8” dia. rod.
  • available in 36” length only.
  • can be locked with addition of a padlock (not included).

Step 5 Select and download the plans, materials list and instructions

5’W and 5’W x 96”H Dumpster Gates
6’W and 6’W x 96”H Dumpster Gates
7’W and 7’W x 96”H Dumpster Gates

Step 6 Purchase lumber and lay your gate out as shown on the plans

Step 7 Build your gate and install

Please note, plans can be used as supplied or you can modify to meet your specific requirements.

Snug Cottage Hardware would love to see what you’ve built! Please send us pictures when your project is complete.